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Commercial junk removal

JUNK FORCE has years of experience partnering with commercial enterprises on junk, trash, and debris removal. Above all else, we strive to meet our commercial customers’ needs while staying firmly committed to the three R’s – reuse, repurpose, and recycle. Our professional, highly-trained crew will handle all the debris with care and treat your space as if it were our own home. Rest assured, every team we send will be courteous, efficient, and dedicated to working in a safe and controlled manner.
Call (410) 972-6225 today to speak to one of our friendly staff about the ways JUNK FORCE can help you solve your commercial junk, debris, and trash issues.

Commercial furniture removal

Junk Force is available to assist you in removing all the old office furniture you have filling your commercial space. Our highly-trained professional furniture removal specialists will come to your location, assess the work needed to remove your unwanted items, and offer an upfront, no-hassle quote. If you’re satisfied with the quote, our team will set to work loading the furniture slated for removal, and ensure no damage is done to your property during the process. We treat each furniture removal project just as a high-end moving company would and expect our teams to act accordingly. At Junk Force, only the very best work is acceptable.

We will gladly take all your desks, chairs, couches, tables, filing cabinets, shelves, and other office-specific furniture items. Our philosophy of environmental awareness means every piece of furniture we collect is either donated for reuse, donated for repurposing, or recycled so that nothing ends up in our local landfills. Furniture, almost more than any other form of debris, can often have a productive, appreciated second life serving the needs of others, so we do all we can to ensure the pieces don’t end up going to waste by becoming waste. Call (410) 972-6225 today to schedule an appointment with one of our professional furniture removal specialists.

Commercial Renovation & Remodeling debris removal

Junk Force is proud of our adaptability to our customers’ needs. Every junk, trash, and debris removal job we undertake is unique and we approach it as such. Our professionals will assess the customer’s need, give them a fair and honest quote, and immediately get to work satisfying the requirements set by the customer. Our skilled crews will remove the debris no matter where it is and do it all with care and attention to detail. When the debris is loaded, we will ensure the removal area is swept up and all items outlined by the customer are removed properly. Our commitment to the environment means you can be sure that everything we haul away will be reused, repurposed, or recycled in some way. Less than 12% of the items we collect end up in landfills, so your enterprise can feel good about being environmentally responsible in a world where that matters more and more. Call (410) 972-6225 today to learn more about our commercial renovation & remodeling debris removal services.

Real Estate & Property Management Junk Removal

If you are a real estate or property management company in the Maryland area and have tenants who leave behind junk, trash, and debris in their units, you need to make a call to the professional junk removal specialists at Junk Force today. We can quickly remove all the offensive clutter and debris so that you can show your property again in as fast a turnaround as possible. Our efficient junk removal teams have years of experience helping real estate agents and property managers sell or rent their properties sooner and would love the opportunity to help you as well. We invite you to call us at (410) 972-6225 for an appointment where we will provide you with a detailed, free estimate for our services or you can easily book our services online.

Real Estate & Property Management Eviction Clear-outs

Junk Force has a great number of successful partnerships with property management companies and private citizens who rent properties to tenants. We understand that these arrangements don’t always end well, and there will be times when a professional junk removal service is the only answer to the problem. If you have anything left by tenants on your property – from yard waste to personal items to trash – and need it removed before you can show the property again give Junk Force a call at (410) 972-6225 today. Our professional crew will have your issue resolved in no time, and you can depend on our pricing being fair and our work being exceptional. Our estimates are free of charge and come with no obligation to you, so what are you waiting for? Call Junk Force today!

Warehouse & Office Clean-out

Okay, so you have taken everything from the old space that you want, but there’s an enormous amount of leftover material that you have to get rid of fast. Never fear – Junk Force is here to help. Our professional crew can discern between garbage and good quickly, so nothing you feel could be reused will be disposed of. Our commitment to the environment extends to every job we do, and everything we collect that can be repurposed, reused, or recycled is never thrown out. Before we leave your premises, our talented team will have determined the destination of each piece of debris, and we guarantee nothing will end up in a landfill if it can be used for any other purpose. Our dedication to “green” solutions is the reason we have one of the highest recycle rates – 88% – you can find anywhere. Leave the heavy lifting to the professionals. Call (410) 972-6225 today to start the clear-out process with one of our knowledgeable, helpful staff.

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