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Junk Force also offers light demolition work. Whether you need to take down an old deck or patio, rip out a shower, remove some cabinets, or even demolish any room in your home, office or business, let Junk Force be your solution for all your demolition needs.

From knocking down sheds and fences, to picking up scraps of wood and nails, we provide our valued residential and commercial customers complete demolition service from initial demo to junk hauling and recycling services. Although it might seem easy to take a sledgehammer to an unwanted structure, many people do not realize that there is a correct and an incorrect method to complete building demolition. One mistaken move could result in the uncontrolled collapse of the construction, which is not only a serious safety risk but can also complicate the cleanup process, damage nearby assets, and make the entire demolition take longer to complete. Only a specialized demolition company will know how to properly evaluate your structure and determine the most effective approach to a demo service.

Hiring Junk Force to accomplish your demolition work is also a great way to save yourself time and money on your household and business projects. Instead of trying to find someone to do the demolition work and then trying to find someone who will take away all the left-over debris, just leave it up to professional Junk Force team. Our crew of skilled workers will take care of everything at once. This is the quicker, easier, less stressful alternative for you to move on the next projects. All it takes is a phone call to let us know what you want demolished, and we’ll take care of the rest.

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Our Demolition & Removal Services Include:

  • Storage & Shed Demolition
  • Children’s Playset Demolition
  • Swing Set Demolition
  • Kitchen Demolition
  • Cabinet Demolition
  • Deck & Patio Tear-downs
  • Above Ground Pool and Hot tub Demolition
  • Bathroom Demolition
  • Carpet & Flooring Demolition
  • Cubicle and Office Furniture Demolition