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E-Waste Cleanup


Junk Force understands the ways the modern world works. We know the obsession America has with the latest and greatest – especially when talking about technology. While that societal need for the newest gadget is great for manufacturers of those products, it is a very real blow to the environmental movement. Why? Because most technological innovation comes with a toxic price tag that the Earth has to pay, that’s why.

Every new gadget we buy replaces the one we had before, but what do most of us do with the old device? We put it in a drawer or the basement, the attic or the garage and forget about it. Or, worse yet, we toss it in the garbage without realizing electronics are manufactured with toxic and hazardous chemicals that will escape into the environment if not disposed of properly. Garbage trucks are also instructed to never pick up e-waste items for disposal. Don’t worry! Junk Force is ready to assist you with your e-waste issues.

As part of our overall commitment to the environment, Junk Force is proud to offer E-Waste Collection Bins for your business, office, or school to assist you with the legal, ethical disposal of all your electronics. Contact our office today at (410) 972-6225 to speak with one of our helpful staff members about placing an E-Waste Receptacle at your location.

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With the regularity with which most Americans change electronic devices today, it is not surprising that you can find unused, functional electronic devices filling the garages, attics, basements, and any other free space in our homes, offices, and even our vehicles. This can be especially true in office settings where all of the technology tends to be upgraded at the same time. Instead of putting it all in the storeroom, do yourself, the environment, and someone in need a favor by calling the professionals at Junk Force. We specialize in giving your old technology a new life, and if that’s not possible you can rest easy knowing we will never dispose of anything electronic in a landfill. Illegal haulers and unethical junk removal companies often have protections in place – like no address listed or untraceable cell phones – so they’re protected against the penalties associated with illegal dumping of electronics. It’s important to note that an old computer can be traced back to its original owner, so if you take a chance on an illegal hauler you could get stuck with a substantial fine.

Here’s a short list of the commonly disposed of e-waste we encounter: PCs, Laptops, Tablets, PDAs, Stereos, Radios, CBs, Servers, Copiers, Cell Phones, Printers, Televisions, Video Game Systems, Apple Products, MP3 Players, Answering Machines, Shredders, Faxes, VCRs, DVD Players, ATMs


One of the constants of modern life is the replacement of necessary technological tools and accessories. Computer monitors fit this mold exactly. Each monitor contains several pounds of lead while the circuit boards inside contain cadmium and mercury – both terribly toxic to the environment. This waste material can quickly add up in even a modest home, and should be disposed of properly before the situation gets out of hand. This is especially true in offices where large numbers of monitors and computers are replaced simultaneously. Junk Force can help you stay on the right side of the dumping law and the current trend toward “green” thinking. It’s important to note that Junk Force will always go out of our way to ensure that all the items we collect are reused if possible, and recycled if not. Our commitment to Maryland and the environment means we take e-waste disposal very, very seriously – and hope that you do too! Call our skilled team at (410) 972-6225 today to chat with our staff about a solution to your growing e-waste issue.

Here’s a brief list of the computer-related materials we will remove: PCs, CRT Monitors, LCD Monitors, Printers, Keyboards, Old Speakers, Cables and Wires, Servers, Network equipment

Make a responsible choice – for yourself and the environment – by calling Junk Force today to speak with a professional about proper disposal of your collected e-waste materials. Our skilled and insured team will come to your site and load up whatever items you need removed, and you can rest assured every item will find a place in a donation or recycling center – never the landfill. When Junk Force is available, e-waste should never be a threat to the environment, so call the professionals at (410) 972-6225 today.

Are you ready to get rid of all that e-waste accumulation in your home or office? The process is as simple as a call to Junk Force. We provide Maryland’s safest and most reliable e-waste removal service, and will guarantee your electronics end up where they belong instead of poisoning a landfill with toxic chemicals. Simply make an appointment today and our highly-trained e-waste removal team will be there when promised and ready to take care of all your environmentally-sensitive electronic waste items. All you need to do is point out what’s going, and sit back and watch it all disappear. It’s as simple as that!


Remember – computers and electronics contain an abundance of reusable elements like tin, silicon, iron, aluminum and a wide variety of plastics. They also contain copper and gold which is valuable enough to reclaim its own weight! That’s definitely not something you want to throw away! Thankfully, Junk Force is here to divert anything that shouldn’t reach a landfill – like e-waste – so partner with us to protect Maryland and its environmental future. Call (410) 972-6225 today and get started being e-waste responsible!

Junk Force is happy to come to your location and pick up your e-waste wherever it may be found. There’s no need to place items on the curb – just point them out and our team will take care of the rest. We offer the most competitive rates in Maryland for e-waste removal, so call Junk Force today at (410) 972-6225.

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