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February 23, 2020 admin

Estate Cleanout Annapolis MD

We understand the stress and challenges that come with clearing out an estate. The job can be daunting for everyone involved. That’s why we support our customers by offering reliable, professional estate cleanouts in Annapolis MD.

Let us help lighten your load in this challenging time with our estate cleanout services. Our trained crews work with integrity to help family members, executors of an estate, homeowners, and other professionals helping with an estate to clean out a residence and property.

Estate Cleanout Services

Save time and energy on estate cleanout with a reliable crew that shows up when they say they will. Junk Force Maryland’s mission is to help take the pressure off our customers by doing our job quickly and hassle-free. You’ll save time and energy to focus on more important things while we take care of the rest.

Junk Force Maryland can move items of any size and weight from any area of the estate, including attics, basements, and garages. We can haul out building materials or heavy items left lying in sheds or outbuildings on the property.

We haul and properly recycle any broken appliances or electronic waste. Non-working appliances or electronics are especially difficult and expensive to get rid of. Electronics can’t be put out for the weekly trash due to the hazardous chemicals they contain. So they need to be taken to specialized facilities for recycling. Junk Force Maryland will take care of this job for you.

Commitment to Our Customers and the Environment

We’re proud of our commitments to our customers and to the environment. Because of this commitment, we take care to donate all usable items first. After usable items are donated, we recycle as much as possible before throwing away anything unusable or non-recyclable.

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