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December 2, 2019 admin

Residential Construction Cleanup Washington DC

residential construction

Residential Construction Cleanup In Washington DC

What Is Construction Cleanup?

We offer our services to come in and clean-up before you start construction on your home. If there is anything standing in your way, we will come in and remove it before you even start your project. We do not take hazardous waste or materials including paint, thinner, tires, batteries, asbestos tiles, chemicals, pesticides, and fluorescent bulbs.

Some of the items we DO remove and are mostly what is left are:

    • Old Drywall
    • Lumber
    • Leftover debris
    • Cutoff wood pieces

Junk Force junk removal is also available post-remodel as well as post framing, sheetrock and window install. Our trained staff will come in to clean up the leftover debris. From wood scraps, nails, pieces of cut wood, etc. our friendly staff works hard and efficiently to get your construction clean up done. Then you are able to go in and sweep, clean and get your home back to living in!

How Much Does It Cost?

Residential construction cleanup costs can vary since not everyone needs pre and post-cleanup. We make it simple for you to get a price quote. Give us a call or email and one of our professionals will help you. Being a veteran-owned company, we like to offer you the best rates out there, since that’s what we want. Our business is based on honesty and trust, which means once we quote your residential construction cleanup, that’s the price- no hidden costs.

Once the construction clean up is done, we can also help wrap it all up. Items frequently left can be boxes, carpet, flooring and anything else that was used on the job. Our cleanup crew will be there to help you. Having trained, friendly and efficient people means less stress-free work for you. You can count on our residential construction cleanup crew!

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